Can anyone tell me roughly how many pictures a 64 gig memory card will hold for a Samsung galaxy 4?


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  • Say a pic is 10 Mbytes, giving pretty good definition.

    That's 100 pics to 1Gig. So I guess about 6,400 pics.

    If they are only 1 Mbyte pics, thenabout 640,000.

    • One other thing, you have to subtract space taken up by apps installed on the SD card. And any music, vids etc. You can swap cards, though. So the sky is the limit really.

      I have a Tab4 10.1 Lovely machine!!

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  • It looks like the picture file size in the full resolution is about 2-2.5 mb. 64 gb formatted is about 59 gb. Minus about 2 gb for the operating system and about 1 gb to have so the phone can operate. You could possibly have up to 56 gb of space for pictures if you have no other apps or anything on the phone (not realistic). 56gb divided by 2.5 mb (to be conservative) equals 22,400 pictures.

    • Oh a memory card has a potential for 59 gb (formatted) divided by 2.5 mb equals 23,600 pictures :D

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    • I hope I helped.

    • Yes you did :)

  • Don't waste money on a card. Google now offers unlimited photo backup for images under 16MP, which is higher resolution than your phone is capable of taking.


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  • I can get thousands and thousands on my camera with a 64 gig card. But I like to have 2 smaller cards. It seems to take less time between photos. Google to see if I am right or if it just seems that way to me.

    • Yes that's what I was concerned about... flipping through that many photos to get to the one I want. Lol

    • no, there is a pause before taking the next picture. In my camera at least, it is longer if there is a very large memory card.