80s music poll: favorite album by When In Rome/Woodentops/The Wonder Stuff/Wedding Present?

All of em start from W and they were active in late 80s…. but When In Rome wins, coz I liked their style more and xept “The Promise” they had a bunch of other good songs!

  • When In Rome (When In Rome)
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  • Giant (Woodentops)
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  • Woodenfoot Cops On The Highway (Woodentops)
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  • The Eight Legged Groove Machine (The Wonder Stuff)
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  • Hup (The Wonder Stuff)
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  • George Best (Wedding Present)
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  • Bizarro (Wedding Present)
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  • I'm going with the Wonder Stuff, but I'm very "tempted" by the Wedding Present. Back when the BBC Peel Sessions CDs were first being imported into the US, the two most commonly available were the ones from New Order. . . and the Wedding Present. So I associate those bands, just from the John Peel connection. :)


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