Told a girl I liked her and she ignores me now?

texted this girl for months. i thought she was into me we planned to see each other by the end of the year. then i told her i liked her and she said thanks and now ignores me every time i text her? wtf did i do wrong?


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  • I think it's more about her then you. Maybe she didn't know how to reply to your text, so that's why she put thanks. But to ignore you, that's rude. She could have just told u, thanks I'm flattered but I'm not ready for a relationship right now or something. I think Maybe it's just time to leave her alone and find a new girl. :) how many months were u guys texting? Did u guys ever flirt or was just a mutual friendly conversation?


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  • Same thing happened to me. Then I found out she was in a relationship right after she told me she liked me as well. It was depressing right then. I've known her since i was 6. We haven't talked for years, because I had no way to contact her, and then we talked and talked for over a year, then I told her I liked her, and she quit texting me. It's been over about... 4-5 months, but whatever.

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