To all of you who had a tooth extraction - how did it go?

I'm having a tooth extracted. I'm still going to ask for the X-rays and stuff but that's the most likely fate for that poor little thing. I'm glad it's not a widsom tooth, it's a fully grown tooth that has broken down a long time ago and now it has to come out because I'm done with delaying the treatment.

I'm not afraid of pain (as long as it's supportable. like the pain that comes with the local injection they give before every procedure) and I'll be getting N2O so I'm not anxious either. I just want to know what I should expect. Does it hurt to be numbed down more than the other treatments? How many shots does it take to get you numbed? Do you feel anything past the first one? What kind of tests (to see if you are still feeling anything) do they do? What happens if these tests go wrong (ie. the test hurts you OR the test doesn't hurt you and the move on with the treatment, and then it starts to hurt)?

Thanks :)


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  • Okay, I`m quite a pro on the topic. They extracted me 4 regular teeth and 4 wisdom teeth xD so all you feel is basically just pressure and it`s done in a couple of seconds. Personally to get me numbed it took from 2 to 3 shots but it really depends on the tooth. They wait and then they try to touch the area and you won`t feel anything. They begin then to pull and if you feel something (which is not pain but a bad sensation, I can`t explain) they give you another shot.

    • Great thank you so much for the answer :)

      This is only my 2nd time getting heavy work done so I'm still blindfolded with no clue what to expect. The other time I opted for a root canal instead of an extraction because the tooth wasn't so bad, and 2 hours of (moderately painful) treatment and 6 months later, they still have to prep it for a crown and the tooth is showing signs of breaking. If it were now I would have chosen the extraction in a blink :/

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