Do you think every state should make it illegal to collect pollution samples from public land?

Should every state make it illegal to collect data/samples/photos of pollution from public land like Wyoming did? How many years in prison should someone get for exposing pollution from a large corporation?

  • Yes every state should have this law and the criminal should get at least 10 years in prison.
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  • No this seems a tad bit unfair and maybe even unconstitutional.
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  • I think 30 days in the pokey and an apology should suffice.
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  • Sounds good

    • Excellent. Should this also apply to a citizen reporting abuse from a police officer or a public official/politician committing a crime?

    • Absolutely.. Police is getting out of control

    • Ahh I gotcha

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  • Why would they make that illegal? Sounds like a waste of time to me

    • A toxic waste of time? :P
      They would make it illegal to protect big polluters and protect their interests of course.

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    • Yeah, I know. It sounds like a waste of time to even try to pass a bill like that

    • It's not for them. If any law is passed to help make huge corporations money and to help them keep it then it it is a good investment of their time.