What are some good enjoyable and/or productive stuff I can do in my free time?

I got plenty of free time and I want to know a productive enjoyable thing I can do?
I have a girlfriend maybe some good ideas while being with her?


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  • A two player sport like tennis, book reading or even volunteering! The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately I don't know much about you so I can propose something related to your personality.


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  • Hmm... so like a hobby?
    --You can always pick up a musical instrument. With that, you can do all sorts of things like write songs and sing cheesy love songs to your girlfriend. Piano or guitar is best for that kind of stuff. And, if your girlfriend does anything or sings, you can have jam sessions together :D Or you can learn an instrument together.

    --You can always run. Running with someone, like a girlfriend, is fun. Plus you get exercise out of it and feel fit. All you need are some shoes and motivation.

    --You can teach yourself art (it is something you can teach yourself). If you get good enough, you can draw portraits of her and give them to her as gifts, or you can draw things for fun. Not to mention it is pretty cheap.

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