Does this site ever just make you sad?

I'll often have a great response to a question or take brewing in my mind, but then when I start typing, I'll catch a glimpse of other comments. There's always an argument going between the guy that blames all his problems on feminists and a femininist who is, in a way, just as dumb for thinking that telling this guy the same thing everyone else says (not all girls are like that- feminism is such and such- men who think that are stupid- so on and so on) is going to somehow penetrate his closed mind. Or there is the girl with a harmless comment, and suddenly some other guy is attacking her for something she really didn't say.
So sad...
So. Sad.


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  • This site is a hatred spewing toxic waste dumpin ground.

    I'm too short
    I'm too fat
    I'm too thick
    White race is dying
    My boobs are too small
    I hate myself
    Er why don't girls like me? I'm fit, fun and love weed
    Am I normal for being a virgin at whatever age?
    White guys or girls are racist for not liking me.
    The list goes on.


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  • Yes, man I agree this site is really sad..
    I'm seriously thinking about leaving GaG..


What Guys Said 3

  • It only happens to me on occasion. I try my best to avoid really controversial subjects, because there are always debates in the comment sections, and plenty of people deing unnecessarily rude and antagonistic.

    But if you stick to the how do i look, fashion advice, and random topics, its not as bad, because people aren't as hostile.

  • It used to but I don't take it seriously now

  • Everything about this "question" screams fake profile. You are not a man.
    You are obviously a man hating woman. So sad.

    • That made my day. Thank you for that.