I keep having flashback nightmares?

My brother used to get really handsy with me. He put his hands on my ass down my pants, would purposely open the door while I was changing, would come into my bed bed while I was sleeping and touch my chest, and other stuff I don't really remember. I wrote it off and said it didn't bug me but my friend dragged it out of me one day a few years back and ever since then I've had dreams of his hands on me. Especially when I fall asleep with my boyfriend. I start hyperventilating in my sleep, and kind of jerk around. How do I stop? I just want to get over this.


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  • Well I would highly recommend a psychiatrist to talk to and then I would recommend telling your boyfriend about this because he needs to know your past in order to understand your present... and also because the way you act cannot speak for you only your mouth and words can.

    • He knows about what happened and why I sometimes freak out in my sleep. He usually just holds me and tells me it's okay. I have yet to find a good mental health physician near me (I had to go in for self harm). I just thought I was over this, and I'm not. I just want to be normal again.

    • Well first start forgiving yourself you had no control over what happened... and I know this might be hard but you have to your brother too... this may be the hardest part but you have to forgive him for what he did in order to fully get closure because if you don't you let your britger have control over your life whether you know it or not.

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  • I'm thinking some kind of dream control learning. So when it happens you like lift him and throw him out the window into a man eating shark tank and watch him get eaten alive. Then you drift into a beautiful sleep.

  • You should seek therapy

    • The therapists in my area are undeniably incompetent. Should I travel the hour away to get a semi-decent one or is there anything else I can do?

    • Honestly you should. More than likely this won't go away without a proffesional

    • Fantastic... :/

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