You fart in the meeting room and then people come?

You went into the meeting room to grab something , and while there you let one go, it smells bad. You then see a group of managers and the CEO heading towards the room you are in. There is one way glass so they can't see you, but you can see them, there is only one door in and out and it is not possible to get out without them seeing you as they are only 5 seconds away from entering the room and the room is at the end of a hallway.

What do you do?

  • Walk out, say hi and pretend like nothing is wrong
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  • Walk out and say don't go in, it stinks in there
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  • Hide in the cupboard
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  • Hide behind the curtain
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  • Block the door so no one can get in.
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  • Remain in the room and tell them you farted
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  • Remain in the room and ask them if one of them farted
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Remain in the room and ask them if one of them farted


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What Girls Said 1

  • i voted G lol i'll stay in the room and ask if one of them farted


What Guys Said 2

  • Although it's risky my first instinct would be to hide near the door and join the back of the line when nobody's looking.

  • Walk out and fart again then say that it stinks in there don't go in.