How to remove the stains?

This is so embarrassing. Okay, so my period came today. I didn't know because usually it never comes early, it's either it comes on time or it comes late. I was out shopping with my friends and when I went to the toilet I was shocked.

So how do I remove the blood stain on my underwear? I washed it with soap but it couldn't be removed.

This is my first time getting stains on my underwear so I don't know much. Pardon my ignorance. Also, thanks in advance. Any advice would be appreciable, and no offensive comments please.


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  • Why are you embarrassed? Your period is not something to be ashamed of, we've all dealt with it.

    Spray with stain remover, soak in cold water and detergent, then wash as normal.

    Please note, don't immediately wash blood in hot water, it will set the stain into the fabric.

    This advise can also be used in the event of murder.

    • When I went to buy pads at the shop the people there are like giving me the "are you serious?" kinda stare.

      Stain remover? 😳

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    • And you're very welcome.

    • Haha interesting one! Will try it next time (if there's a next time, hopefully no tho)

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  • Soak in cold water with napisan oxy action max. Put product on the stain.

    After soak for 3 hours go back and drain water and scrub underwear with sunlight soap. Fill back up with cold water and napisan again and repeat till stain is gone.

    Then wash in washing machine

  • My sister does it with chlorine. Try it.


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  • If the clothing is white or in a pattern you don't really care about, you can soak them in hydrogen peroxide for like an hour and then toss them in the wash. The hydrogen peroxide is awesome at getting blood out but it will bleach everything it touches.