I was covertly bullied?

I dropped out of school at 15 because of social axiety and low self esteem which stemmed from my childhood. When i was in highschool no one really liked me apart from my small group of friends who would sometimes exclude me from parties and stuff because they felt nervous around me because of my social anxiety... i think i was acctually bullied covertly because i would often get dirty looks from people in my year and the odd time id hear a mean comment about me. It made my anxiety and depression and low self esteem MUCH worse... also people would socially exclude me too it was abselutely horrible... I'm nearly 19 now and it still haunts me every single day and my social anxiety is still bad and i'm still depressed sitting in my room with no life to look forward to whilst the people who bullied me are out living their lives to the fullest... it's so hard.


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  • I have bad social anxiety and PTSD so I kind of know how you feel. My friends have been pretty shitty to me and excluded me from parties and stuff too. The best advice I can give is to find better friends, maybe ditch the old ones if the friendships are too one-sided. I know it is near impossible to make new friends when you have social anxiety but I find it is a lot easier when you don't have bad friends holding you back. Used to if I tried talking to a girl or a cool dude my friends would often get jealous or try to embarrass me. Now I don't really have to worry about what they think anymore.

    • So similar to me its crazy

    • Yeah at some point you gotta ask yourself, is this friendship beneficial to me? Some people just hold you back with their negativity.

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  • so i'd ay thse friends u mention weren't actual friends but they were just toleratin u probably. and i don't think u've been bullied at all since dirty looks and a mean comment that's not even str8-forward... it's not bullyin at all.

    anyway... only choice's to get over it and make yer life better now... i've been bullied as well and i really regret it. reason's i was fat back then and lost weight much later, but i always regret dat i didn't lose much earlier so bullyin wouldn't occur but anyway... i don't give a shit how they live thier lives now... they can go fuck off