Where is a good place to go on holiday in the summer that's good to take young children to?

I have a 2 year old son and i want to take him on his first holiday but i have no idea where to take him. My initial thought was Disney Land but i dont know if he's too young to go there...


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  • You need somewhere with a good beach, plenty of little rides suitable for toddlers and he will love it. You don't have to spend a fortune, toddlers won't appreciate hundreds being spent. You are in the UK. Try somewhere like Scarborough, with it's very safe beach with lifeguards and the kiddies amusements. Donkey rides are a bit pricey, but one or two goes is about £5. There's a good Sealife Centre at the North Bay. A huge park called Peasholme Park.

    If you want more info, give me a shout. I recommend this from personal experience!!

    • is there anywhere else in the UK thats toddler appropriate apart from skegness because i dont like it there

    • LOL!! I don't like it, either. When my grandad was a kid, Skeggie was magic!! Stayed for a couple of nights on the way to Scarborough last year, and it was so boring.

      Maybe Clacton-on-Sea, in Essex. I know there is a lot of work going on there to inprove the beach. There have been dredgers pumping sand onto the beach for weeks now. Just as the did here where I live (just up the coast from there). The beach here has got bad in places, but some areas are fine. There are some good kiddies rides on the front, a new park with swings and slides and many other things, including some fountains that have different jets where young kids can play in them.

    • The new park is free. The gardens are being refurbished at the moment, some bits are done and look terrific.

  • Yeah, that's a bit young for that. I'd wait until he 6 or so for that trip. He'll get a lot more out of it. A 2 year old is interested in the world around them and learning. A children's museum (like Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry) may be a choice. Or somewhere to see animals or nature. He'll love it.


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