I slept with my boss and people know... I don't know what to do?

Well he wasn't my boss when I slept with him but still I'm so embarrassed. So, so embarrassed. I've never been this embarrassed in my life

I just moved to a new city for my first real job. And I don't usually hook up but I don't know I was drunk 23, out of college and still a virgin so I figured what the hell.
Then two days later I started my new job turns out the guy I hooked up with is my boss.

And it's not just that, he went to talk to me and said the he enjoyed himself and that there's no reason we shouldn't go on a real date. So I don't know what do I say? It's like I'm damned if do and damned if I don't

And as if that wasn't enough this guy at work found out. Because well I got assigned this really good project and he was like "wow, this much responsiblity in your first week, what did you do, sleep with the boss?" and I didn't know what to say, so the silence gave me away.
I told him what happened and he said he'll keep it a secret, but will he though? And do you think he has a point that I just got this project because I hooked up with my boss? And if so, why, why would he do that to me?


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  • Well.. you made a timeless decision of sleeping with the boss and regardless of how innocent your intentions were/are, you will be the whisper of "oh she slept with the boss" jokes and jabs.

    He's quite a bit older than you mid 30's so people will think you did it for a career move but being you are a young 23... there will be people who understand.

    Advice: It happened, nothing you can do to change it. I'd just move forward as best as you can and work hard. Ignore the whispers and any other drama filled crap surrounding that and just focus on the work as that's what will gain you respect. I personally would not get involved with this guy, he's 35, what possibly could he relate to with a young 23 besides showing off to his buds what co-worker he humping.


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  • How old is your boss

    • I'm not sure, about your age I think

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    • I don't know I never thought about being with someone older but I guess I wouldn't mind

      It wasn't at work, just a bar

      and tbh everything is a little blurry to me but I am on birth control and I'm like 80% sure we used a condom. And I also remember telling him I was a virgin. I also left before he woke up, I hope he isn't hurt anything?

    • Then it could been a

      "heat of the moment " situation

      Then there is nothing to worry about

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  • Time to change jobs. Now that one coworker and one superior knows everyone will find out eventually. It will be even worse for you if hr has a no fraternization clause. Date your boss only after you change jobs.