Italian or japanese?

i want to learn another language

which of these would be more benfefcial for the future? (jobs and stuff)

im fluent in arabic, English and i know french (not fluent though)

nooooo sorry i meant chinese !!


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  • China has a rapidly expanding economy, so I'd go for Chinese.


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  • From these languages, I guess you're from west africa (Maghreb) , right?
    Anyways.. between Chinese ( i read the comments) and Italian.. I would suggest you learn Chinese (Mandarin). China is projected to be the largest economy in the world by next decade and lots more. Chinese would be wayy more beneficial. Au revoir!

    • north africa actually but you were pretty close... how? o. O

      yea a lot of people say the same thing lol i guess i just might choose it

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    • how does one seem to be a certain nationality online... while anon lol

      I don't know how you identified other nationalities lol
      I don't know iguess you can just ask

    • there are certain words only people of some countries use. Like if a guy says 'mate' too often, he's probably British or australian, etc. Observe and you'll learn :)

  • If you mean with Chinese the mandarin language it is the better choice. It is not only spoken in China but also in Singapore and Taiwan. If I am not mistaken it is the most spoken language in the world.

    You speaking several over the most spoken languages in the world (Arabic, English, Mandarin) would make you unbeatable in the job market.

    • lmao i thought mandarin was like another word for chinese xD
      I don't know A THING about it lol
      well china alone is like 1/4 the population of the earth or something so i guess it is the most spoken

      i like the way you think ! great point actually
      i guess it'll be chinese... i;m just worried because it'll be hard to learn

    • Mandarin is spoken in Mainland Chinese while Cantonese is only spoken Hong Kong and Macau. That's only two small parts of the country.

  • Why you have to pick between Italian and japanese? and what happened to french? but based on whatever profession you major in unless it's related to animation or translation , the chance you use japanese in your job is unlikely , and i would say Asian character is difficult to master not even mention in 2-3 years. and italian, at least you could hang out with some italian guy with it if you have a thing for exoticism.
    Continue to learn french seems better choice.

    • i have taken french in school im not fluent but not too bad at it lol and besides kinda sick of it lol
      and i meant chinese lol not japanese but yea the characters is what's scaring me the most :\

      i do like italian guys xD hehe

      i'll think about it though thanks !

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    • well, i also speak alittle japanese, in case you're a very smart girl let's say you have an iq 150+, learning wo language in the same time isn't that difficult, no need to flinch. and if you have more questions about language, welcome to leave a message to me anytime.

    • i guess i can learn two languagess but they have to be kinda close to eachother
      like french and Spanish for example
      not italian and chinese lol

      but financially i can't study both lol

      thank you ! will do

  • I would say Japanese is more beneficial, cause there's more business made with Japan than with Italy.

    • sorry i meant chinese

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    • yea a lot of people seem to agree on that lol

    • thanks !

  • Japanese because Japan's economy is stronger than Italy's.

    German would be worth it too.

    • uhhmm sorry I don't know much but is learning chinese much different from Japanese? because they only have chinese lol

      and yea German was the first option but it's not possible for financial reasons lol

    • Chinese is much different fro Japanese, Japanese has borrowed characters from Chinese , and japanese also has 3 alphabets, and Japanese pronunciation is a lot less challenging

    • woah really?

  • Maybe Japanese... to be honest Chinese should have been one of the choices America is in debt to China 123trillion the last time I checked.

    • it is chinese lol i updated the question

      so your vote is chinese?

    • Yes that is correct.

  • Learn Japanese and teach English there, you get paid PEAS!!!

    • sorry i meant chinese lol

      and that is actually a great idea !

    • I know quite a few people who did a tefl course, some went to china and some went to Japan, all of them are having fun!

  • Javanese all the way

  • Learn Turkish


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  • Italian is easy to learn and if you know it you'll understand a lot of Spanish and Portuguese too...
    If you learn Japanese you might get some Chinese - not too sure about this. And I don't know if it's easy to learn or not.

    • it's chinese actually not japanese lol i wrote the wrong language

      and what you just typed is exactly what's going on in my head lol
      and italian is really easy to learn but not as useful as chinese which is really hard to learn... I don't know man lol

    • Haha I'd try learning the one which will be of more use to me.
      So if you think that's Chinese, learn Chinese. =)

  • well japan's economy is definitely better than the one of italy at the moment so I guess japanese is more useful ;) - but if you wanna learn something really useful I'd go with mandarin

    • well actually it's chinese not japanese lol i wrote it wrong

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    • yea makes a lot of sense, a lot of people are saying the same thing lol

      chinese it is then !

    • Good luck with it! :)

  • Mandarin is probably more useful than Italian. The Chinese will eventually own every country's debts. Start practicing now while you still can.

    • hahaha was kinda thinking about that

      everything is pretty much made in china

    • Population wise, there are also far more Chinese people than Italian. You're more likely to do business with Chinese people than Italian, statistically.

    • makes a lot of sense...

  • Mandarin would be good.

  • Learn Italian

  • I was going to say Japanese... and still think that is a good option. Chinese would also be beneficial.

    I have lived in Italy (I'm not from there) and it was fairly easy to learn. I enjoyed it, but I was more into the history, art, architecture etc. and not sure how practical that would be in a lot of jobs, other than in history or art. My sister took Chinese courses, since she is going into a technology field and that has helped her a bit.

    • oh cool

      so how did your sister do in her chinese courses? was it hard to learn?
      any tips?

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    • well there you go that's a great tip hahaha

      thank so much ! good luck to you and your sister

    • Yeah, I grew up with English and French at the same time, before learning Dutch, German and eventually Italian and Spanish. I would love to learn Japanese, but because I plan to visit there ha!

      Thank you, I hope that helped and good luck to you as well! :)