If the real world was like the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time video game, would you think it would be a very fun world or scary?

Now let's say you still live in the modern world (Not in Medieval Times). You still have to pick up certain important items and you pick it up like Link would. You hear contant background music whenever you come inside your house or someone else's house or going to a certain place. You run into enemies which are aggresive humans, dangerous bugs, dangerous arachnids and dangerous mammals. You also can use flute or Ocarina to teleport you somewhere else where you'd want to go.

Imagine if this song plays when you go inside your own house or someone else's house -

or this song plays in real life when you try to sneak out of school or sneak in to your own kitchen to pick up food out of the fridge without getting caught by your parents -

or this song plays when you try to kill a spider or any bug or when you get in a fight with someone -

or you hear this song playing in the background in real life when you go inside a sewer tunnel, abandoned prison, cave or a large dirty public bathroom -

(Imagine living in such a real world like this)

  • That would be such an awesome real world to live in. :D
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  • That would be creepy, weird and kinda scary.
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  • WTF? lol!
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  • I wouldn't care because I'm not a very big Zelda fan anyway.
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  • I think that, if I knew that I was in a video game world, it'd be awesome but if that was all I could remember and I knew no better, it'd be a scary place to live :)


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd prefer living in Termina

    • And dealing with the creepy moon about to crash down at your location along with a creepy mask salesman?

    • But the festival!

  • Awesome to visit, but not to live in...