Is it possible to become a sociopath?

I realize, the more cynical and bitter I've grown, the less I've really felt empathy or even care for most people. I deeply love my family and a small number of friends, but, most other people I've grown to view as nothing but assets and pawns. Like I said, a large factor being that I've grown far more cynical, since I know most people don't care about me anyway I'm starting to view my friends or acquaintances as objects to further my own goals. On some level I almost hold them in contempt because I know they don't really care about me, so I can't care about them, I hate that this is all just some pathetic game, people all trying to manipulate and use each other, and that I just happen to be better at it. Like I said, I don't see my family this way nor do I see maybe two or three of my close friends this way, but it disturbs me that I've started to view most other people like this. It's just... they'd put a bullet in my head without a second thought if they had to, knowing that I really can't view them as anything but, I can't care about them and I won't, they're nothing. I just want to know, how I can stop thinking like this? I started thinking about this when I realized that, earlier today I literally visualized my life as a game of chess. Am I turn into a sociopath, am I wrong, or am I right? If I am wrong, how do I change?


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  • Based on your questions you do indeed sounds like turning into a sociopath. You seem to have a very big negative and pessimistic outlook on life like there is no absolute beauty in it. Bitter at events that most likely happened to you at early age and that effected your thinking at your everyday occurrence. Basically you are a huge downer.

    • It's known as major depression in today's medical circles. Life, I'm not pessimistic, I'm realistic. There is no hope, no light, no magic meaning to life. You, me, humanity, none of us matter, humans are all pawns of their own hatred and desires, society may change but people never do. There is no beauty in it, outside of my family I have nothing, there is no beauty in life, none at all.

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  • Well coming from a sociopath you can tell you don't just become one. Nature vs nurture it is your environment and life experience that mold you into who you are today. That is just how I see sociopathy you cannot decide you want to be sociopathic. It also has to do with genes.


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  • You get those people of the Cringe Channel who want to be sociopaths because they have literally zero personality. That's always funny.

  • In my opinion, you should seclude yourself from society. Sociopaths don't deserve to be a part of it.

    • Dammit, you didn't even listen to me, I want to know how to not be one, and, how dare you pretend to be better than me? You'd put a bullet in my head and not batter an eye, you're no better than me, all humans, so self-righteous, but they manipulate each other as well, kill for the most petty reasons.

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    • Every single human on this planet is happy and willing to kill of given the opportunity, your comments, oh great Internet Tough Guy show that, despite your moral pretense, you fall into this block, with your desire to end my life. Oh, I know I suck, the thing is, unlike most other people and you I don't pretend to be a good person. And, even if you're not brave enough to kill me, you still wish you could, you're no better.

    • Again, you can't make such idiotic generalisations. There are plenty of people who wouldn't kill, even if given a no-strings-attached opportunity. There is more people like that than there is people who are actually good human beings. I can happily admit that I would kill someone if given the opportunity to. A few people come to mind actually. People who are sociopaths just like you are becoming. I mean, there is soooo much of us. Logically, killers do the world a favour. Even more of a favour if sociopaths are their targets.
      Oh and I know I'm an awful human being, I remind myself of that every waking minute lol. At least, I'm not a sociopath.
      Since you reckon you're not a sociopath just yet. You should try get help before you become one of them. If you do become one of them, at that point you should run into the forest or something.

  • I think you can pick up the tendencies.