Has anyone on here started their own company?

Got any advice, for beginning?


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  • Yes.
    Don't have more than one partner. Two people can be better than one if they have each others back but the more you add after that the exponentially worse it gets.

    • Why does it get worse?

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    • It becomes a political mess with bad blood all around and the likelihood of the whole enterprise taking a mortal wound. Best to stick with one partner or at most two if you really feel you know them. Or have 51% of the stock controlled by a company which only has the two shareholders, something like that, so when the shit hits the fan you really only have one other person you need to worry about keeping happy.

    • That is true thanks for the heads up.

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  • Never, I hope to one day.. well practice, not really company.

    I say, start acquiring credit. You will most likely need a loan, and you want to have credit before you go to the banks.


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