I can't think clearly and I would like some tips?

over the past few months, i have felt my mental faculties slow more and more. its harder for me to make decisions, i can only focus on things for a little while then my mind wanders and i when i come back ro it i have completely forgot what i had read or what i was doing. i have started doing sudoku puzzles as a way to try to retrain my brain to focus but i think i need more tips. anyone got any?


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  • I'm not sure "tips" will help. The question is whether you're experiencing something that's actually happening, and, if so, why is it happening.

    So let's assume everything you're saying is a good reflection of reality. (When we're talking about cognitive issues, the issue of accuracy isn't one simply to set aside.) There could be many explanations. I'd suggest seeing your doctor soon; that's number one.

    Number two, has anything in your life coincided with these issues? Have you been under extra stress (even if you haven't recognized it)? Did you have a major change (s) in your life? Big breakup? New job? Anything like that. Has your physiology changed somehow? Stress, strain and change can profoundly affect our ability to think and concentrate.

    But visiting the doctor is important. Make that a priority. Take it easy! And good luck. :)

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