Could you be an ER or Trauma doctor/ surgeon who had to address the families after complications leading to fatality?

Question says it.. Would it get to you outside of work or would you constantly second guess your actions even if you followed exact protocol? Or could you confidently address distraught families who are full of hope when they see you and tell them terrible life changing news with confidence in yourself that you did all you could and then go on with your shift and keep it from effecting you? I'm just curiouse.

  • It would be hard and stay with me outside of work.
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  • It would be hard but I'd be ok to continue working.
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  • I couldn't do it.
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  • It's part of the job, you know this going in.
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  • It would be hard and I'd probably think about it constantly but it wouldn't affect my future performances. I'd be able to face the family afterwards. I'd hate myself more if I couldn't even face them.

    • I agree. It's like facing them shows you did all you could. Some injuries are just beyond repair.

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  • I was in an ER where I led Grandparents into a room where their Son, Daughter in law, and two little Grandchildren lay dead after a drunk in a pickup truck hit their car. It absolutely scorched my psyche and I have to say I will never be the same.

  • I couldn't really stand looking into the eyes of some mother and telling her we did what we could but your son is dead.. But as a practical person who's certified in First Aid I can't let emotions cloud my judgement in the moment, I was trained to asses a situation and secure the scene of an accident without a second thought. I wouldn't have time to worry if he lives or dies, I'm just there to keep him alive until EMS arrives. Trauma surgeons just do because thinking is a waste of time and they need to remain focused, if he dies that's sad but you keep on rolling. But you bet they bring it home with them.. You don't forget that kind of carnage, I've talked with an ex-paramedic.. I couldn't imagine having those images stuck in my head forever..

  • Well, part of their job got do it and take them on side in privacy to tell them i know it's hard to do ,


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  • I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of pressure and emotional impact. I wouldn't be happy I think.

  • I could do it. For sure. No problem.

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