Do you believe these theats that Donald Trump has been receiving from the Mexican fugitive drug lord, El Chapo Guzman, on Twitter, are actually true?

According to TMZ, Donald Trump has been receiving death threats from "El Chapo" Guzman after Trump has been continuing on to constantly throwmore Anti-Mexican remarks on Twitter. Trump later contacted the FBI to investigate these threats.

Trump calls FBI over death threats involving El Chapo - TMZ

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  • He'd completely prove Trump's point if he ever tried something like that.

    I doubt he knows or cares about what Trump has been saying.

    • Pretty much. Besides, El Chapo has much more important things to worry and care about (especially right now being a fugitive for the 2nd time) than to constantly hear more slightly ignorant remarks coming out of Trump's mouth.

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  • I think its just a big ploy on donald trumps part, to show he means business on getting justice on the drug lord. I don't think the drug lord has time to write stupid comments on twitter.

    If he is going to kill trump, he won't be mentioning it on the net. He will just do it. My theory it could be ploy for the American government to get rid of trump, and blame the drug lord. because trump is just going round upsetting to many people. Its a silly theory, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    • The fact is, The mafia took out JFK. If you really do your research. And the American government helped to cover it up. So anything is possible.

  • I hope it's real tbh

  • dude escaped prison and was on the run for 13 years and the only reason he got caught was because he was at a beach resort. i dont think they aree ven going to catch him again

  • Trump made these posts with a fake el chapo account so he could get more media attention.

    • That's a sounds like a more likely case scenario. I doubt El Chapo really cares much about what Donald Trump has to say about the Mexican people.

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