Your Birthday meaning, What does Your Birthday mean?

Just give me the month and day of ur birthday and i will tell u what ur challenge in life is, ur dark side, your best qualities, and a few other things. feel free to post anonymously.


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  • my b-day's da same day wid Halloween actually LOL

    tell me :D

    • Challenge: Concentrating your energy
      Dark side: Passive, self-effacing, confused
      Best qualities: Sympathetic, supportive, indomitable
      Sun sign: Scorpio
      Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior
      Tarot card: The emperor (authority)
      Favourable #s: 4 and 5
      Birthstone: Topaz

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    • just block those mean people... and u can always take a break... but there's no need to leave :)

    • yah im leaving tho. it makes me sad when I get mean comments:(

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  • Seems interesting

    12th February

    • Challenge: To focus ur energy on one project alone.
      Dark side: Inflexible, moody and intolerant
      Best qualities: Patient, purpose and originality.
      Sun sign: Aquarius
      Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary
      Tarot card: The Hanged Man (reflection)
      Favourable numbers: 3 and 5
      Birthstone: Amethyst

  • It's October 3

    • Challenge: Valuing tradition
      Darkside: Superficial, materialistic, pretentious.
      Best qualities: Original, sociable, exciting.
      Sun sign: Libra
      Ruling planet: Venus, the lover
      Tarot card: The Empress (Creativity)
      Favourable numbers: 3 and 4
      Birthstone: Opal

    • Astrology is almost always wrong about me

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  • Okay then. April 9th.

  • How would you know?

  • December 9th

    • Challenge: u need to understand sometimes u can't force progress, the best way is to bide ur time.
      Dark side :blindly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, superficial, tactless and restless
      Best qualities: Progressive, romantic and dynamic
      Sun sign: Sagittarius
      Ruling planet: Jupiter
      Tarot card: the fool
      Favourable numbers: 3, 4 and 8
      Birthstone: Turquoise

    • thank you thats intereasting to know

  • Okay April 27 is my birthday

    • Challenge: Not to isolate yourself
      Darkside: Withdrawn, serious, shy.
      Best qualities: Independent, charming, dedicated.
      Sun sign: Taurus
      Ruling planet: Venus, the lover
      Tarot card: The Hermit ( inner strength)
      Favourable numbers: 4 and 9
      Birthstone: Emerald

  • I already found my challenge in life and that's searching a place in this world where I belong

  • March 15th

    • Challenge: To stop regarding everyone as competition.
      Darkside: Driven, competitive, obstinate.
      Best qualities: Charismatic, ambitious, enthusiastic.
      Sun sign: Pisces
      Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator
      Tarot card: The devil (instinct)
      Favourable numbers: 6 and 9
      Birthstone: Aquamarine

    • Thank you.

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