How can I get £700 in 2months working a zero hour £3.79 minimum wage job? Should I get a second job?

Any ideas on how I can make £700 by the end of September? I work a minimum wage job right now £3.79 p/hr and its 0hrs so it's not the best number of shifts. The most I'll get per week is around 4 shifts which will either be 3hrs or 4hrs. I'm thinking about applying for a 2nd job? I don't have much experience as I have just left school and how will I manage both jobs? Also I sell some clothes online which helps abit. However I'm scared invade I get my first pay check and I spend it on food which I do a lot. How can I avoid this and are there any money making things I should do? Thanks

  • Get a second job
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  • Don't it'll be complicated
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  • Yeah, Get a second job dude.
    Could be worse, You could be an Apprentice carpenter like me, And make £3 per hour for hard physical labour 45 hours per week -_-...

    • Okay. Should I tell my new job that a I have another job or should I just ignore it?

  • Dont get a second job get a better one


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