Why are women shown compassion and understanding and kindness for things like depression but guys aren't?

Like, me, I have depression, and, whenever I mention about it or even being unhappy a brigade of assholes always appear to call me weak, insult me, and give me shitty "I MADE MAH OWN HAPPNESS" rants. I mean, damn, and, the worst part is, girls are never hit with this shit. They're always given actual advice and compassion, they don't get insulted they get help, but, guys, nope... is it any wonder that guys have a higher suicide rate? The funniest thing is, it seems that girls will usually be harshest to me. Why is that?


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  • Ok these are the kinds of things that piss me off the most. I have seen this happen with so many of my guy friends and man I am so sorry you have to deal with it too. For some twisted reason people think that guys need to be strong all the time, and thats probably why you have to deal with all that shit. But it sucks cause not a lot of people realize that it is just as hard to be Ken as it is to be barbie.
    Not a lot of people are educated on the topic so they think that "It's all i your head" or that "you can just get over it" but its so hard to just get over it since it has to do with actually fricken hormones in ur brain.
    I'm sorry you have to deal with the ignorant people and i hope that you can find a good support group to be in your corner, and if not you always got us random strangers on the internet.


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  • I don't necessarily think that that's true. In my experience, women with depression are also just as insulted by people who don't understand that depression isn't a case of 'making your own happiness'. Many experts theorise that higher suicide rates in men are due to standards of masculinity enforced by other men (e. g. 'boys don't cry'), therefore leading to a much more unstable emotional state in young males rather than young females, who are encouraged to show emotion.

    • Well, I know I'm emotionally unstable. And, the thing is, when I post about my depression online I'm usually insulted for the most part, whenever I see a girl post she's always comforted and shown sympathy.

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    • But I'm angry, my depression is, for the most part, extreme anger interspersed with some sadness.

    • But you have to realise that people do not respond well to anger, especially when many people would deem that anger unnecessary. I've also experienced mental illness and I know how it feels to have that extreme anger, but I also know that the place to let that out is with someone who is experienced and knows how to deal with it, not with strangers on the internet who can't truly understand.

  • They do. I gotta telly cousin cuz her family give her sh*t all the time


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