Whats more important, doing what your good at or folowing your dreams?

I want to be a engineer but im not the best at math. I got a D in college algerbra last semester and i have to repeat it this fall. Not to mention because i wasn't in certian classes my senior year of highschool i have to stay in college an extra year if i choose engineering. What do i do? Follow my dream of engineering or do something im good at like art? (im pretty handy with a pencil) im determined yet confused help.

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I would like to mention i really wanted to bea architect but my scholl doesn't provide that major. Also I've kinda decided on sticking with engineering. Just gotta work gard. I don't know what do y'all think?


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  • You should find a way to combine the two. By combining something you love and your dream, you'll be unstoppable. Like combining art with engineering would be fun. Think of all the possiblities. You could make a sculpture out of mechanical items or do a creative something that has never been done before. Never give up on dreams. Don't hold on to them to tight, because if it doesn't work out you'll have nothing to fall back on. But don't let it fly away either. Catch the bird when the timing is right. Meaning pounce on your opportunities when you can. But keep what you are good at under your belt too. Because with both, there's nothing that will stop you.


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  • Try to do a little of both.

    For me, it's writing and being a veterinarian. Obviously, those two don't mix whatsoever. But I'm majoring in pre-vet at my local university, and doing writing on the side. So try doing both, but focus on what'll make you happy. Can't waste money on something you know you'll hate waking up and working at every day.


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  • If you want to be an engineer.. be one.
    you can retake tests and even get an apprenticeship at a low level and work up.. gaining experience on the job and stuff that no grade will ever match ^_^

    • Thank you! Just the pick me up i needed. Been losing moral lately

    • There's that saying.
      find a job you love... and you'll never work a day in your life (or something like that)
      ^_^ follow what ya love

  • If your dream is something you're not good at, it's probably not a wise decision. You're just going to end up in a lot of discouragement and then, even though it's something that you could enjoy as a hobby later in life, you wouldn't be able to, anymore, because of the discouragement from being rejected so much because you weren't good at it when you pursued it. If it's something you're good at and enjoy, you can't lose.

  • Art is extremely hard profession.. you have too be the absolute BEST. Sure, they can make good money, but only if the other person perceives your work as stellar.

    Engineer for sure. You can always ask for help, as with Art, it's mainly based on your preference, as you're the one doing the piece with no help.

  • Dad always said that you need to enjoy your job if you're going to succeed in it, but... Ehh.

    • I can find myself enjoying engineering but not as much as architecture

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