How can I lighten the color of my arms and face? (read details) ?

i got a crazy tan its terrible. im like a nice light honey color, but i only wear t shirts and jeans. now im 14 and my arms are very very dark brown and my feet are white then lags are a nice tan then my face and arms are a dark brown. i want my skin to be of the same shade so i can wear a bikini for the first time, please help


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  • The only real way you can lighten your color is by staying away from the sun. During the winter, you'll lighten up all over again, but you're probably not going to have time for that, this summer. My advice is don't worry about it. You probably look fine. There's nothing wrong with have a little darker skin. It usually looks really nice.

    • It does not! It's like a farmers tan

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    • And what's wrong with that? You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Dark skin looks great.

    • Why can't you wear them?
      There's not really much you can do to change that, though. I'm sure you probably look good darker, as well.

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  • just put sunscreen from now on.

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