Do the vast majority of Americans (especially military members) ignorantly think they're superior to rest of the world (all countries) in all aspects?

I wonder. Whenver I get on the internet, particularly Yahoo! Answers and Youtube, it's almost impossible to find American who shows respect toward any other country and acknowledge that the majority of their technology inventions and economic theories originally came from other countries. Most of them are too ignorant, jingoistic and arrogant to acknowlege the real truth about a lot of the great things (civil freedom in general, technologies, etc.) that they fortunately possess in this day and age.

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  • Umm, I'm not sure who you've talked too, but the whole 'MURICA thing and overly-patriotic people is like a running joke between American people. Do we love our country? Why, yes. There are plenty of good things to love about it. We are blessed with what we have (though I think we are generally unhappy with the government but whatever). There are ignorant people, sure, but the statements you make are pretty ignorant themselves as you categorize us all as being what you see on Yahoo answers and Youtube and the internet.
    Honestly, I'm tired of people on the internet continually bashing America into clumping us all as into a category of idiots. The vast majority of us love the rest of the world actually. People over here are especially fond of the UK for some reason. The vast majority of us do acknowledge other countries. However, we also have had quite a bit of achievements ourselves...

    Why are we not allowed to proud of them? Are you not proud of your country's achievements? You sound nearly like you want us to hate our country and say it sucks, and that America has done nothing to help out anyone in the last 200 years.


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  • sorry but i can tell you right now the majority of our technology was not invented by other countries. if someone from another moves to america and lives there as a citizen whatever they make is an American invention.

  • I really don't give a shit about the rest of the world...

  • the majority believe that they are better but some of us know its a crock of shit.

  • No, based on my calculations that are close but by no means accurate, if China invaded (which will never happen) each U. S. soldier would have to kill ~68 Chinese soldiers. That is, if we all lined up across from one another.

  • Land of the free, home of the brave, mother fucker. Deal with it.

    • Boy, you sound real tough talking crap behind a computer.

  • I don't know... then somewhere in their minds they think we're all jealous -_-
    Uh don't flatter yourself

  • this is ridiculous i'm not an American lover but i do know facts

    1. the US military is by far the most powerful anyone who says differently is on drugs

    2. the US has not stolen large amounts of info since the end of WW2 and now days other countries steal our technology

    3. we have been on the leading front of military technology since the cold war

    4. we do not have the best technology in every aspect obviously many other countries are very good and better... but when it comes to military we are head and shoulders above anyone else

    • No one's denying that the US has the greatest military force in the world. I'm just pointing out the fact that a lot of jingoistic Americans talk as if their own country is a Utopian world, along with ignorantly believing that only they deserve all the credit for defeating the Nazis and other allies of the Nazis when it's the Russians who were fighting most of the Nazis while the USA were mostly defeating the Japanese in fairly tough battles.

    • nazi germany fell in most parts due to US military

      i don't know how much history you know but the Russian's were getting their ass kicked by Germany if the US didn't start the war against germany then the extra armies in EU could have gone to fighting russia and many historians believe germany would have easily won

      russia took almost nothing compared to what the US took... most of russia's fighting was in their OWN country

      US took italy france sicily and northern africa and germany... the US stopped and didn't take berlin so the russians could teach them a lesson... but the russia army was a joke in WW2 literally nothing the russian's had was better than germany's military... the only thing they had was a winter and numbers if germany wasn't pressured into taking russia the winter wouldn't have happened and half the world would now be speaking german

    • US is defiantly not a "utopia" as there is no such thing but we do have the highest standard of living