Does anyone know of a good Minecraft server to join?

I am looking for good anti griefing and PvE mostly. thanks.


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  • I really don't know bro. All the good servers I knew of died or went to shit due to p2w or abusive admins. I'm about fed up with Mojang not enforcing their EULA, I've reported numerous p2w servers and no action was taken against any of them. Plus the next update will be all about PVP, and the community generally sucks...

    I've been playing this Early Access game on Steam called Tree of Life. It doesn't allow as much creativity as Minecraft, you just build pre-made buildings like in Runescape and grind skills up. And anything you build will probably be destroyed in a couple of days if you don't play daily. But it's been a nice little break from Minecraft for me.

    • thanks for the response. I have only ever played alone or locally with friends. but I can't really play with them any more. I basically just want to join a world where Ic an do my own thing, but bump into other more or less.

      They all seem to be PvP with prison or hunger games or something. I could be okay with a little role playing, but ya, I get the sense that the heyday of minecraft servers was a little while ago..

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    • thanks for the tips man, I found a pretty fun one with your recommendation! Having a blast!

    • Cool, glad I could help.

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  • If you wanna fund it, I have the greatest server around! XD

    I'd tell you to join The Divines (my server), but I'm at a lack of funds to run it.

    • Ya no money myself... thanks though!

  • Guildcraft or... I don't know I mostly play on Guild though it has some cocky admins...

    • thanks, ill give it a look.