Name 3 reasons why a person hasn’t bumped into GAG yet?

Hmmm I’d say…

-spends many hrs in fb, twitter, ig, etc or other sites …so no time for makin google searches

-wrong google searches

-not so many hrs online…. prefers offline activities


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  • -GAG isn't as popular as those sites
    -They don't know GAG exists
    -They are busy with their life
    -Depends on what they are searching online -like you said GAG only comes up on certain google searches
    -They are not interested in penis questions/have dilemmas about "He smiled at me today! Does he like me?"


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  • Oh I don't even know how I bumped into GaG seriously. It was like one day I was just scrolling through fb and I saw a page "GirlsAskGuys" and was kinda curious about it and clicked into the page. Didn't saw anything interesting and just left the page. Few days later curiosity kicks in and I decided to create a GaG account.

    So the reasons I'd say that people haven't bumped into GaG is that
    • They spend too much of time on fb, instagram "showing off" what they just did, what they had for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper, what they just bought when they went shopping etc.
    • They're not interested about forums or searching for answers for their never-ending questions.
    • No one introduce to them about this cool site yet. (Does GaG really appear on google search? 😂 I've never tried it)

    • believe it or not but if u type "safe flight" GAG pops-up first

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    • Hmm.. the whole page was related to airlines..

    • weird... it happens to me

  • 1. Not advertised in the media like other social networking sites.
    2. Doesn't know any one that uses GAG
    3. Knows the answers to every thing and doesn't google/yahoo search :)

    • about #1 didn't xpect it to be so hard to be found unless i'm doin sth wrong... almost all my google searches lead to yahoo answers or reddit... but GAG appears in 3rd-4th page IF it does

    • Well number one is pretty much referring to the fact that you hear on television about facebook, and twitter (hashtags) being talked about and mentioned.
      You never hear any famous person talking about GAG or to follow them there.
      Advertisement helps in people joining.

      Also, yes I am pretty much always linked to yahoo when asking a question on the NET.
      That is the most popular (most definitely)

  • *Extroverted - i've noticed most gagers are introverted
    *No one told them about it
    *GaG pops up on a google search. They want to ask a question, then..."damn i have to sign up just for a question. no thanks!"

    • "*GaG pops up on a google search. They want to ask a question, then..."damn i have to sign up just for a question. no thanks!"<--- i mean... never BUMP into it... don't even know it xists

    • i agree that bad google searches is a major reason. but i'm saying for those that do bump into it, they don't come b/c they don't want to sign up.

  • Maybe they don't feel as comfortable associating themselves with so many stupid people lol

  • 1. Is not stupid like us (good for them)
    2. has a life and real people in it.
    3. Has a real job.
    Most of us here don't have any of the above (at least that's what I think) and we're stuck here forever! LOL

    • all of us stupid? :'(

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    • but i've seen many smart people here.. :p

    • Maybe you just know the "smart " side of them and haven't seen the "stupid " side of 'em yet! LOL :p

  • G@g isn't well known like tumblr, Facebook, etc.
    Found out about it while googling a question

  • I agree with your answer ^


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  • I say the main one is not inquisitive I reckon most people found GaG by keying a question into google.

  • Well not a lot of people know about this site for one, it kind of only shows itself if the right thing is put into google, that would be my guess.

    • i always had da impression 30-40% among Americans who r 13-30 yo would know GAG... am i wrong?

    • I really couldn't tell ya lol.

  • - They never needed to ask any of the questions that would bring them to GAG

    - Were put off by the bright white background and didn't know they can use browser extensions to invert it

    • "Were put off by the bright white background and didn't know they can use browser extensions to invert it"<--- here again i mean those who NEVER succeed to make GAG pop-up in their results

      but yeah i agree wid #1... wrong searches as i said

  • 1. He doesn't have a internet connection, tried to hack his neighbour's WiFi.
    2. He doesn't like to be socialized, like reply to unknown's question or opinion.
    3. He never takes his ass off from his video games.

  • - It's not a famous website
    - They have heard yet
    - They are not interested

    • indeed... when i type some question in google yahoo answers and reddit pop-up much more often

    • Spot on bro, you are right

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