Is this how the majority of female cheaters are like when they cheat on their men?

Not asking if the majority of women actually cheat but I'm asking if the majority of women (especially American women) who do cheat, play the victimcard toward their boyfriend, fiance, or husband by blame theme for their reasons of cheating in order to alleviate themselves from responsibilities of their own actions (just plain avoiding holding themselves accountable). Here's one facebook video link displaying what I'm talking about.

Facebook video - Man catches fiance cheating on him for a woman

If there's one thing I passionately despise about cheaters, it's their extreme lack of honesty about how they feel towards me as a partner and a relationship. If a woman doesn't want to be with that man anymore, PLEASE either work out the problems between you and your partner or just tell him directly you want to break up rather than trying to hide shit behind his back and then come up with bullshit excuses once your partner catches you on the act. Now this is absolutely NOT to say that men don't cheat as much as women but at least the male cheaters don't come up with the lamest excuses and then play the victimhood card to alleviate their responsibilities for his own actions. All I can say in one word about cheaters is, they're one of the most fickle people.

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  • yes i think so.


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  • I know first hand, she didn't even try to work it out or on the marriage , tried hiding it for years then blames me for lack of affection when I figured it out instead of working things out she decided to do her own thing. I have kids with her and because of finances I'm stuck living separately in the same house until they get older, she has affected everyone's lives by what she did

    • Had any woman pull this shit on me, they would have gotten their asses beat by my older sisters (who are quite protective of me).

    • All I can hope for is carma, like she will learn the hard way later on when this guy dumps her after she moves in with him

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  • It's impossible to know if this is how the majority of women try to justify their cheating but it is certainly a common response.

  • My ex had a 12 month affair, slept with the guy 9 times but came back to me. No sign of working on our marriage just carried on with daily life like nothing happened. Ni sign of guilt & she didn't confess either