He apologized for acting distant after we hooked up.. should I forgive him?

We went on several dates before we hooked up (making out and oral). After that night he stopped talking to me as often and started cancelled our dates. I wasn't sure why he was acting this way, I felt very hurt and used and for weeks we argued about "what we were". Last night, he finally apologized for acting distant. He said that he started to pull away because he was scared I had invested too much into him, too soon and he didn't want to hurt me because he wasn't looking for a relationship right now but still enjoyed my company. He said that he felt guilty we went too far without properly talking about our status with each other.


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  • Forgive him but dont waste your time in a dull guy


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  • It's great that he apologized.
    However , if you're looking for something more you will always be disappointed with him.
    I advise you to accept his apology but do not invest anymore time into him.
    You will sadly be disappointed.
    It isn't the time or place in his life where he wants to make a commitment.
    If you're ok with being a booty call and him pretty much contacting you when he wants it again , then keep him in your life.


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  • dont forgive him.