What should I do if I am really unhappy at my job and unsuccessful in my career?

i dont know where to apply for jobs its hard to get hired anywhere without experience and i am miserable in my retail job. i also dont have a boyfriend or love life either. im so depressed.


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  • What's your educational background? Do you live in an area that is growing, or is the area losing jobs? What kinds of things are you interested in? I'd like to help you; I'm a Professor, I'm somewhat qualified to talk about education and jobs. If it's more convenient, you can PM me.

  • Change jobs or career

    • but how do i start without experience?

    • First you have to know what you want. Then you have to know what it takes to get it. Then it's pursue like hell and never give up. I'm a HS dropout without even a GED and I did my dream job for my dream company. So I got to do in life what I really wanted to do. You might have to do a path you really don't want but if it gets you where you want then its worth it. My saving grace was I knew as a kid what I wanted. I'm an aircraft mechanic and to get there I had to join the Navy to get training. A path I really didn't want to do but knew I had to. I did my four years which flew by got out had the experience to get my licence got it and got hired.

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