Did I do something wrong at work?

So I've worked at my job for 5 years now. I'd say I'm hard working and reliable. Whenever someone can't make it in I've always came in and covered for them. I'm only part time but in the summer work more hours. Anyway before summer started my boss asked me what I coukd work I told him 11-8 two days and 9-6 the other two days and Wednesday I can only work in the morning bc I babysit as well and the only day i couldn't work is Sunday. I thought that was pretty reasonable. Anyway he puts me on Sunday when I had it booked off for camping on my vacation. I've only ever taken one vacation and he literally freaked out that I told him I couldn't work it and he got mad bc everyone else is off as well. I can't help it if the other girl is taking vacation the same time as me and she's had 3 vacas this year. And it's not like they can't get one of the floor people to work up at cash or get the other manager. But he pretty much told me I have to decide if I wanna work here or babysit. At the beginning of summer he told me these hours would be ok. I've never seen him get bad so it made me really upset he got mad at me for this. When I've booked this day off months in advance. My other manager is just a bitch she be littles me so much. I'm almost thinking of just quitting and finding a new job


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  • i dont think you did.

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