Family Vs. Friends?

Family before friends right? But who would you chose in this situation:

You have two rooms in front of you, each one containing a person strapped to a bomb that will go off in a few seconds. The person in Room A is your least favourite relative, the one who always makes fun of you and who you absolutely loath. The person in Room B is your best friend, who you've known for about five years now and who you've gone through everything with. You only have the time to save one of those people, who do you chose?

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  • I don't agree with "family before friends." Too often family are people who you know by chance and they've done nothing to earn your support or loyalty. Friends on the other hand have chosen you and you have chosen them because of common interests, shared loyalty and trust.


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  • Well a lot of my family are friends and a lot of my friends are actually close family friends and practically family so lol, it would be hard.

  • Holy shit this is like saw 2 I think that's the name of it

  • Friends first, with a few exceptions. I can always find more family. ;-)


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