After 5 years of work why is my boss starting to treat me like shit?

I've been working at a hardware store since I was 16 5 years this year. The one manager has always been kinda rude to me tried be littling me all the time. I've stuck around bc I do love the people I work with. I am very reliable would always come in on my day off if someone was sick. I do a lot more then they realize and I'm honestly scared of her. It's like I make a mistake and she always gets mad and be littles me. Now the owner of the store has never really got mad at me only once. There was a week where I was really sick. Well not sick I just lost my voice. So being a cashier. There was a couple customers who were just cranky and got pissed bc I couldn't speak up so they went and complained. Well he wrote me up for that even though I explained to him. And then today I went to talk to him bc he put me on for a Sunday which I had booked off bc im going camping for a week. Well he got so mad he's like well now I don't know what to do. Sunday's no one is working and now you want that off. I told him I already booked it off im sorry. He's like the other cashier is taking vaca at the same time as me. She's had 3 this year. And at the beginning of summer he told me it was ok. So I've never seen him this mad. And all I asked off was Sunday's and Wednesday afternoons cause I babysit I think that's pretty reasonable for a part time cashier. He pretty much told me I need to get my priority straight. This or babysitting I can quit he doesn't care. The thing is I asked for full time hours and he's only put me on two shifts so I was gonna tell him I could work out. But he just threw a temper at me. Why after 5 years would he do this


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  • I think he's being pretty unreasonable and I'm sorry about that. I would think it's time for you to find another job though if they're going to continue the way they are.

    I know it's hard and you don't want to leave as well as it's possible that the boss may have some personal issues, but there is no reason to treat a loyal employee that way.

    I would suspect that you have a type of rapport with them for working with them that long though.