Who would you date out of those?

(Those are characters out of an awesome game I played. Normally, they didn't live in our time, but I tried to adapt them to 2015. Consider them all 18-years-old.)

A young immigrant girl from Naples, Italy. Her family owns a small business. She struggling with English a bit, she's only intermediate. She has the most beautiful, thickest Italian accent, but it's slowly fading away. She has very thick, long, flowing dark red hair, slightly tanned skin and brown eyes. Her family is very protective of her. She loves her homeland. The food is what she misses the most, even though she lives in NY. Her favorite food is olives. She's very brave and a good friend. Her name is Rosa.

A young girl who is also Rosa's best friend. Her Jewish family came to the US before she was born. Religion is important to them—but not to her. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's a natural born humanitarian, and wants to help refugees escaping from war. She likes going to theme parks, especially with Rosa. She has medium brown hair which she usually wears in a bun, olive skin and light brown eyes. Her name is Lena.

A black Canadian-American girl. Her ancestors -whom she is very proud of- were runaway slaves from Kentucky and they made it to Canada. Now, they're back in the States. She deeply loves her family, especially her little brother, but she's intelligent and strong, not easy to break down. No matter how humiliating or horrible the situation is, she manages to think rational, see the bigger picture and find a way out—at least for herself. She wears her hair natural in various styles, but mostly an afro ponytail. Her hair type is a coily 4C. She has full lips, a wide nose and her skin is on the darker side. It has a warm undertone. Her name is Adisa.

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  • Rosa by a landslide.


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  • I think you recommended these games to me the other day on another question and I love them! I'd date Adisa from those descriptions.

    • I changed them quite a bit on this one, added new things. You make their personality in the game. Did you play it?

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    • I didn't have any romantic relationship with him, so I couldn't get him to sign up either. When she was out of her life, Lena got the option to go to school and finish college.

    • Yeah, that's true, I chose to send her dancing with him rather than go to school or to the play. I thought maybe she deserved a break :)

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