Any freshman advice?


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  • -Be yourself. Might seem cliche, well, there's a reason why things are cliche. It's easier and more fun and more interesting to be yourself anyway.

    -REMEMBER: After high school, you will never see 90% of those people again, unless you go to the reunion. 99.9% if you go to out of state college. What this means is that you can pretty much do anything, and it'll only be embarrassing for the rest of high school, but after that, your history is pretty much gone - as long as it's not illegal. So don't get embarrassed by anything. From an old introvert to freshmen who may or may not be introverted: BE OUTGOING.

    -Get good grades. They do matter, especially your first years. If you start out with bad habits, it's easy to continue those habits. Your GPA is pretty much why you need good grades. In senior year, colleges will receive your GPA and grades, but you won't have senior grades yet, so those don't matter as much ('til after you're accepted). But your GPA still will. The grades you get in high school can sometimes be directly proportionate to how much you get paid later in life, which is annoying. Good grades -> better college -> better resume and credentials -> better job. This is only in theory though, and if you create your own business and you're successful then you'll be laughing about how hard you studied, or how little you studied.

    -Try to take interesting classes. Even if they're not "easy A" courses, you might still end up getting an A because you enjoy learning about the class. Also, 90% of people in high school have barely any idea of what they're planning on majoring in for college. The other 10% will most likely change their minds at some point.

    -If you have a history of not liking some of your teachers, then LISTEN to what other students say about teachers. If a teacher is generally disliked by multiple people, then they're probably pretty bad, in one way or another. And most of the teachers at my school who are liked by students are often talked about in positive ways by students.

    -Know that the upperclassman mostly ACT like they don't want to associate with you because it keeps their ego up and they think it makes them look cool. But, be open to friends of all grades. You might get free rides to lunch or home because the upperclassmen can drive.

    -Do your homework. It counts towards your grade, and it WILL help you learn the material better, so you'll do better on tests.

    • -Don't be a jerk or annoying to the teacher. It makes it awkward for other students who realize how stupid you make yourself look. And it's just not a good thing to do anyway, obviously. Of course, you'll see a lot less of this in high school, because teachers can be fun to talk to in high school, since the students are a bit more easy for the teachers to relate to since the students are almost adults.

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    • Good. Just another reason I wanna be a teacher :)

    • Yeah you would be a great teacher πŸ˜€

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  • -Determine what your goals are. (i. e. partying or getting your degree)
    -Get yourself organized (i. e. daily planners, get into a routine)
    -Don't procrastinate (i. e. don't stay up until 3:00a. m. watching youtube videos.)
    -Don't be afraid to ask questions in class just because of others. You're paying for it.
    -Pace yourself (i. e. don't join every club and sign up for every extra activity just because you have free time at the beginning of the semester)

    • thanks for your great adviceπŸ‘πŸ» haha im gona have a hard time trying to do the third one because it's it's like what I do all the time XD

    • Haha, that's fine. Just as long as you don't too much when you have lots to get done. If you're able to finish everything at a reasonable pace, then why not, right? xD

    • Haha yeah πŸ˜„

  • What for high school or university?

  • Develop good habits early on.

    • thanks for your tip πŸ‘πŸ»

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  • Make friends with the new kids or kids who sit by themselves at lunch. Especially the foreign exchange students they learn not all Americans are bad you learn about a new culture its a win win situation.
    Friends, family, and grades are most important things not in that order though. Partying comes dead last.
    Join as many clubs as you can stay for at least a few meetings if you dont like you can drop it but this is a good way to meet people.
    High school does end. So don't stupid things because when it does end don't be that kid who is actually dying of fear on the inside because they don't what they are going to do. So to have a great future make good decisions now.
    Drinking: now I don't want to sound like your mother but don't do anything stupid learn good habits now because in College you are likely to give in to drinking or you don't drink at all so that way your friends are not going to a funeral for you.
    Don't be a Bella Swan from twilight she is needy and dumb instead be a Hermione Granger from harry potter she put her education first, never dumbed herself down, and still got the guy.
    Get to know your teachers they write great letters of recommendation I am still keeping in touch with several of them through Facebook
    Graduation: like I said high school will end and graduation will come. I graduated two months ago and it is an amazing experience especially when I had to keep reminding myself that it was all for me. A lot of people cried. It is an amazing experience to walk across the stage and get your dipla with your friends and family screaming your name at the top of their lungs. Just make sure you make good choices so you can experience that.

    • Thank you so much for your great advice πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ» by the way congrats to graduation πŸŽ‰

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