If a girl watched another guy ditch you and then swooped in to take him?

And went on to be a bitch to you.

How much of the blame should be given to the guy, since he may not really realize what she's trying to do?

And more importantly, why would she want to be with a guy who ditched another girl? Doesn't she realize what he can do to me he can do to her?


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  • Breakups are a normal part of dating. It's the risk we all take before finding the one. Most relationships aren't successful if they were we'd all be married to the first person we ever dated

    • I never dated him.

    • Your question is about breakups. Anybody can breakup with anyone at anytime. Just because he breaks up with one doesn't automatically mean he'll breakup with the next

    • No my question is about three people, and a guy ditching a friend to get closer to the other.

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  • It depends on your perception, I believe. For me, if the guy was a repulsive loser to me for no reason BECAUSE of the woman, then he's as irrational as he is and they share equal blame.

    Besides that, he DITCHED me. That's a disgusting act in itself.


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  • Well the guy can't really be blamed since he was within his rights to ditch you and then go for the other girl.
    As for the 2nd question, if she went so far as to ''swoop in'' then she's not the type to care about being ditched herself anyway.

  • None of the blame is on him.

    And it's not like a guy is going to treat every single girl just like he treated you.


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