Are there any noticeable differences between white American males and white european males?

Are they usually taller, do they dress better, are most rude or respecfull. Just kind of compare and contrast them please.


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  • Exactly as youve stated, European mean are generally taller, better dressed and more respectful/well mannered.

    • *Mean should be men, sorry :P

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    • I was born in the US, and have lived in England now for about a year. Men in England most DEFINITELY are more disrespectful to women than American men

    • It what ways are they more disrectfull.

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  • Alright I might be qualified here people... I'm French and lived in Florida for just 2 years now...
    Im gonna go off what you said and what people thought of me... and noticed about me...
    We (French) are... not really taller...(I don't think)... No noticeable size difference from my part... Except Americans do work out more and are bigger... But not really taller or smaller I don't think..
    I was told... That I dress way better than most people... And it's true I guess we do have costy... But pretty clothing... Plus im really a guy who personnaly enjoys nice clothing and cool leather jackets... Oiled fashion jeans etc... So yea I think so.. Or at least it was the case for me because I am more into fashion..(but might not be true for all europeen guys...
    And about behavior... I MEAN... That's really hard... Depends from where in Europe and even from which class you come from... I know from experience... Youth in france his really degrading in a bad way... They're far less respectful than you Americans especially in the Family setting... But other youngsters in france are way more and almost in a superficial and officious way that's really annoying... But again that only stands for my country...
    So here I hope I didn't break too much fantasies and clich├ęs... Europe's "superiority" when I see americans talk about it his really overrated trust me... it might even look like that from the inside and the outside but it's not what you envision it to be... Even if you visited etc... All societies have their stronger points and their flaws... So yes there his difference... like in every culture... But not in a sense of superiority

    • That goes right along with our very cherished french accents... That only appeal to you Americans... Because to us it's just horrible :) Write to me if you want more details

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  • Besides the accents? I wouldn't think so. I'm sure if I see a white male, I'd assume he was American because I'm in America just like someone in Europe would assume European (perhaps. I suppose it depends on their clothes or what individuals judge others by over there).

    In America for me, men wear all types of things so there isn't a truly "European" image for me.


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  • Other then what I've heard I can't honest say.