Would you rather own 1 expensive apartment or house or 2 cheaper apartments or houses?

Ok in option 1 you live in an expensive and upmarket area, with no crime at all, bars, clubs, shops that sell nice things and cafes all with in walking distance and a very nice beach at your door step. You also have a brand new apartment or house that is only 2 months old and is all modern with no maintance. However, the cost of this is you can only own 1 apartment or house not 2 so you do not get the income of being able to rent one out.

In option 2 you own 2 apartments or houses. You live in a much poorer area, there is more crime but it is not slum. There are no bars or clubs. There are no shops apart from the necesseray ones. A supermarket is not in walking distance. Your 2 houses or apartments are 40 years old and while there is nothing majorly wrong with them they need modernsing inside and out and are more maintance but not too higher maintance. However, you have 2 apratments or houses and can rent one out and have a regualar income from the rented out one. You live in the other one.

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  • easy, rent out my expensive apartment and go live in a middle house. So rent will be covered and food expenses, Then take all that money I save, to party!!!1