Is it bad that I love attention?

I love feeling adored, appreciated and having their full attention. If I dated a guy that was below average in terms of looks would he treat me better?


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  • That seems pretty normal to me. I think many people want that and it's why human interaction is so important.

    BUT... I don't think you should do things like you're proposing to get what you want. A guy with sub par looks may treat you like a queen due to the fact that he may feel that he isn't good enough for you and still got you... but no man should feel that way nor have to do that.

    You can find someone who you're attracted to and is genuinely attracted to you as well who will do all of those things for you. They're out there.


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  • Yeah.. But don't take advantage of him. Well he's be a lucky guy.. There's not a lot of girls like you but he'd probably give you more attention. Most girls don't realize. I'm under average but never had a girlfriend. Go for it


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