How to fix a downward spiral?

My job stresses me out and consumes my life. In my spare time I desparately try and pick up the pieces of my personal life, whether that be trying out a first date, reconnecting with friends, or just knocking out laundry.

I'm unhappy with my life. I'm painfully single and have very few friends. The weak personal life I have leaves me ill prepared to tackle work. This builds stress. This makes me a more angry bitter person. This makes me a more negative, ugly person. This keeps me single and alone, which leaves me ill prepared to tackle work. The cycle continues.

The small things are starting to slip through the cracks. I'm not living, I'm just existing. I see no end to the loop.


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  • How about leaving your current job and looking for something less stressful? Perhaps a part time job? Or at least a full time job that is less stressful in itself?
    Or have you ever considered doing something totally crazy and just, say, go on a big trip? For example I know somebody who travelled around the world for two years or so. They would just stay somewhere for a few months, work in any job they could find, save some money and continue at one point. I mean, it's just a suggestion but you're practically the same age as myself, you're single... if you ever do something like this, now you've got the opportunity...

  • I feel the same way. I've been through so much shit and feel like a very cold person. I used to be happy but now i'm just bitter. All I can say is that you got to keep pushing on. Try not to give a damn about it and work harder than ever. One day you'll get a break I promise.