Whos watching this season of Big Brother? Who you rootin for? Who are the floaters in the house?

Whos watching this season of Big Brother? Who you rootin for? Who are the floaters in the house?
I hate Jace got sent home, but he did seem pretty intimidating when it came to that convo with Steve. He reminds me of that taxi cab driver from last season.

I actually hate Day got evicted. I know her loud "Tamar Braxton" moments got annoying but I was glad she spoke truth. They considered her the female Devin (from last season).

I thought I liked Clay but dudes an ass. He also reminds me of Caleb from last season.

What happened to James? He doesn't seem as tough as a player as I thought.

Liz and Julia annoy me. Why would these idiots keep twins in the house once the secrets out! Yea thats one more vote but its still competition.

Im ready for Shelli to be evicted. Everytime her mouth opens, it looks like those dentures are going to fall out.

I feel bad for thinking Becky wasn't that cute. I pity her after learning she got hit jn the face by a train.

Johnny Mac the dentist has an annoying voice bjt he's hilarious. he's also a stronger competitor than I thought.

Im tired of seeing Austin wearing nail polish every night. It was funny the first time. Now its just a bit much...

I thought Jason would annoy me but he's kinda cool.

I no longer like Vanessa as much as I thought I would.

Jeff is a douche, but I didn't expect them to evict him this early.

Meg, Steve, and that Victoria-look-alike are Floaters. Audrey, go home!!

I guess I shouldve made a poll


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  • I also noticed how a lot of these characters are similar to last seasons. I too can't think of that grl name, bt she reminds me of Victoria as well. Im not rooting for anyone in that house now. Surprisingly, I liked Da and Johnny Mac but only cause they are quite funny.

    Just like Caleb, Clay is cute, but a douche.

    I wonder what WWE thinks about Austin continuously rockin the red polished nails.

    The twins must go! Shelli must go! Audrey must go!

    Meg is definitely a floater. This Sunday was the first time I saw her in action.

    Steve is looking weaker than I assumed. I actually thought there was a secret force hidden under there.

    Im so tired of Johnny Mac being used as a pawn. Im not sure if I should be mad at him for agreeing to it, or mad at the people who keep putting him up there. Pawns will eventually go home

    • Johnny Mac has the most annoying voice, but I would like to see him, Becky, Jason, or James in the top four. However, they all look like bait at the moment.

      Lol I definitely think WWE has some questions for Austin before putting him back in the ring. he's looking like a WWE Total Diva at the moment haha

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • I was also team Davonne. Shelli looked like a little bitt when she cried afer causing Da to be evicted. I want that cougar to be evicted and take her little cub Clay with her. he's the cutest jerk on here since Caleb.

    I was surprised Jace didn't last about as long as his last season twin Hayden. I hope that girl who came in with Jeff doesn't float her way to the top 3 like Victoria did.

    Im tired of seeing all these guys in nail polish. I dont care if these men are comfortable with their sexuality... What happened to manly men!!!

    • When Shelli cried, I just laughed like "You're Next!" (On my hit list at least lol). Floaters annoy me... They gotta go

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