Iran nuclear agreement with the UN Security Council members and the UE foreign affairs, good or bad?

The question is simple. Are you for the negotiation or not?
Keep the focus on the topic at hand, remember this agreement is solely intended to contain Irans's intention to build nuclear weapons.

  • yes. This can be a stepping stone
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  • No way I want bloodshed
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  • Iran and the west have more to gain than to lose
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If I was a gambler I'd say the congress will not be a factor. They are blowing political smoke!
The US corporations will not let European big businesses reap the benefits alone.
As it stands, there are two bodies stand isolated against this deal. Isreal and the The US Congress.

Oh the irony of it all! 😂


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  • It was about time those sanctions stopped.

    The West is bullying too many countries.

    • Couldn't agree more.
      I REALLY hope the human and women's right's to be addressed in Iran soon.
      Those are the real issues in my eyes.
      I personally don't believe either Iran or Isreal will ever engage eachother than words.
      Both history and current dynamics doesn't support it.

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  • Honoustly, I think its good. As long as it is used for peaceful uses that are good for the population, why bother. Don't forget that Israel already has nuclear weapons and they are active. But nobody seems to care about that.

    • @ Climber You know, 5 years ago no one dared to criticize Isreal publically in U. S.
      Too many anchoremen and journalists lost their careers over this.

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  • The US wants the Shah's regime back. What a joke... they supported the Shah's nuclear program then, and approved of his torture and persecution of his opposition.

    jGood for Iran. They realize the US can't afford another war, financially or politically, and faced down the bullying and bluffing.

    But the war party in Congress might be strong enough to torpedo the deal, and if the Repugs elect a President in 2016, they will no doubt tear it up then.

    • The congress can't reverse an international accord. I'd say it's done dealand the entire world except the congress and Isreal are against it. the " Axis of Evil" now has new members!
      Isreal and the congress! Lol 😂

  • It was a joke of a negotiation. Anyone that is familiar with Iran's nuclear program knows that they are much closer to a bomb than they were a few years ago. The concessions are a joke as they are pretty much just following IAEA standards which have repeatably been bypassed or circumvented. There are weapons inspectors from the UN that have seen illegal activities reported and when backup inspectors got to the site in the middle east the reporting inspector was nowhere to be found. These inspections are a joke.

    • Having read a lot of the other comments and opinions there is clearly a severe misunderstanding of nuclear nonproliferation and this has been implemented for nearly half a century already. This is not about the USA against Iran there at numerous other international agencies a lot of them multinational or independent. Nuclear weapons and production are not something that can be played with if you already have them that is fine but creating them is a problem. If you think the region is destabilized now you haven't seen anything if Iran gets nuclear weapons.

    • And yes the US follows international standards including inspections from the same agencies that conduct inspections on other countries.

  • Okay, from what i heard, its basically an agreement that says we can inspect iranian stuff if we give them like 15 days notice so they can hide their violations.

    These are nuclear weapons. Could kill millions. I don't think we can mess around. I'm pretty sure Iran has violated agreements like this before. We need to manually neutralize the facilities.

    • And what good with that accomplish? Set them back for a couple of years? Think of about how the region has been destabilized due Iraq and Afghanistan wars

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    • Codydude you seem to have a good grasp on the policy and immediate threat of nuclear weapons are you interested in science?

    • Yeah somewhat

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