How can I motivate my self?

I wanna be a artist I wanna create my own series. But I don't know how to draw. And there are days where I don't wanna draw for weeks. cause it feel draining and boring. But when I envision in my head or when I watch cartoon and anime. I get inspired to draw. But sometimes that's not enough.

I have to learn how to draw. Then learn how to animate I can't move toward. I do practice I learning hands now. I'm self taught for the moment. And this is what I want to do with my life.

And its making me want to give up. And pick a normal job path.

I'm lazy I think. I think I'm also depressed. What can I do to help


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  • I hate to tell you but it takes YEARS to get good at drawing. So unless you love it, you won't stick with it through all the practice it takes.

    Just letting you know that.

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