Whats your fave Fetty Wap song?

Fetty Wap

Whats your fave Fetty Wap song?


  • "Trap Queen"
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  • "My Way" feat. Drake
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  • "Again"
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  • "679"
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  • "RGF Island"
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  • Other
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  • Who?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • "I be in the kitchen cookin pies with my baby" 🍰🍰🍰


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What Guys Said 1

  • You listen to Fetty Wap? Why do people listen to this guy? Go listen to some real Hip-Hop, everybody.

    • Who do you recommend for "Real HipHop"?

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    • Oh alright, thought you were like these other kids who think guys like Fetty Wap, Soulja boy, The New Boyz, and all these other shitty pop rap "acts" are Hip-Hop's best or are decent compared to those whole are actually talented.

    • Lol no. I just meant that Fettys just another guy with catchy music. It ain't brilliant, but its catchy

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm like "Hey, Whatsup, Hello"... "So baby want you come my waaaaay"

    Haha love both My Way and Trap Queen

  • The who?

    I was literally thinking this and then I saw the last option on the poll. xD

    • Lol I never heard of him at first either, but then the song Trap Queen came on... Followed by My Way, and now he's like a huge deal in America as of this summer.

  • WTF is that and whats wrong with his eye? eww!

    • @Candy_girl would you seriously say that to someones face if you saw they were missing an eye? Kinda rude dont you think? Thats how people get they ass popped in the mouth. Anyways he's an upcoming rapper, and like @AubreyBandz stated, he had Glaucoma as a kid. The doctors could only save one eye. He refuses to wear his prosthetic as it makes him feel uncomfortable. Even if you dont listen to rap, I'm surprised you never heard of him. He's pretty big in America right now. Even the guy above hates him, yet he's even heard of him.