Going to Paris for 5 days (soo excited), any cool stuff I can do that the internet does not tell you about? Cheap places to eat? Mistakes to avoid?

Merci! :)


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  • Ill tell you what my lonely planet says about Paris.

    Places listed in the lonely planet

    1. "The Eiffel Tower" (which you already know).
    2. The "Musee d'Orsay" displays France's national collection of paintings, sculptures and artwork between the 1840s and 1914.
    3. The "Pantheon" which I think is an old French church.
    4. The "Catacombes" which is one of three underground cemeteries created in the late 18th century. Don't know how you feel about this one.
    5. Paris's oldest church the "Romanesque Eglise St-Germain des Pres".
    6. The "Louvre" is also another very popular place to go but from what I hear people say get there early as it gets very busy.

    For things that might be of danger to you or annoy you it says that Paris generally is safe, but to keep your wits about you and to take extra care on the metro at night. It also says that thefts from handbags and rucksacks are a particular problem around Montmarte, Pigalle, Forum des Halles, the Latin Quarter, the Eiffel Tower and on the metro during rush hour.


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  • Paris is an amazing and romantic city! There are lots of little bakeries and the food there is delicious! I especially loved this hotdog with a special sauce and grilled cheese, I bought it in a small bakery in one of the side streets. I also had a croque with goat's cheese which was really good. So my advice is to check out the small bakeries in the city! I also loved walking along the water and up the steps in the city. Mont martre is very beautiful, you should go there. I also really enjoyed the Paris by night tour. Enjoy your time there :)

    • Wow, thank you. I am so hungry right now. I will do that, for sure :)

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  • I'd avoid going to the Eiffel tower. It's somewhat impressive at the base but it's entirely too crowded and you can see it from basically everywhere in Paris. If you're only going to go to one museum, go to Orsay. If you want to go to the Louvres it's open late on wednesdays I think and at 9pm you can have the Mona Lisa almost all to yourself. The gardens outside the Louvres are really nice at nightfall, there's a lot of young people eating on the grass and there's a ferris wheel and lights and etc.

    If you want to walk around I liked St-Germain-des-Prés and Monmartre (you can walk up to Sacré-Coeur which is nice). There's a restaurant in Monmartre called Au bon coin, which was really delicious and affordable and just my favorite. The wine there and probably everywhere is really something else, and CHEAP, so drink away. Try the macarons at Ladurée (rose was my favorite). Check for special summer things like festivals and whatnot. If you want to eat cheaply there's bakeries everywhere for breakfast, there's crepe stands and foreign foods, otherwise it's all pretty pricy especially in the center of town.

    The only advice I can think of is you don't have to tip over there. And if you ask for coffee you get the equivalent of an espresso here; though it tastes considerably better.

  • First visit? 😂
    Go to tour Eiffel...
    if staying in Paris, must take metro to travel so get a free map... its all free.
    Avoid walking in night after 11pm.. or 12.
    Learn some french but never get in to an argument with working people, they will kill you 😂
    There are free bicycles but you need a navigo card to use it...
    Would recommend to do out of Paris (île de France)..
    go for window shopping down champs-élysées... pay à visite to the macdo and use free wifi 😂
    Go to la défense by métro no.1 and there is the big underground shopping mall.

    • going out of Paris... take RER or TGV. make sure you got change to buy tickets...
      If going out of Paris... must visit the top part, (nothern and western) would not recommend going south... nah.
      eat all the plates available..😂😂
      meet got french guys... but be careful 😂
      since its summer... you will have to buy summer clothes.. It's like 30-40°c odd...
      if your staying at a hotel, awesome... if making own food... even better 😂

  • The first mistake you made was not having Liam Neeson as your dad

  • Do the catacombs tour

  • Put your love luck int the bridge, although i heard the other day it was stopped
    Visit the Eiffel tower

    • Can't do that anymore, they cleaned up the bridge I guess. And I don't have any lover lol

    • haha but you love yourself right? you would have put Myself and I

  • Yeah, going up my ass and around the corner

    • What an excellent advice. Thank you.

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  • Avoid all restaurants in near the center as their only created for the holiday goer's and taste horrible. try trational independant restaurants for a true French taste. also you must visit the Sacré Cœur it's beautiful but be careful because there is a lot of muggers ( but the same comes with any city in the world ).

    • Is that very common in Paris, muggers? I'll try to be careful. Do you think having two bags is a good option? Like a little one close to my body with the stuff that is more important and another in the back? Thank you!

    • You must try the National Museum of Modern Art at the Centre Pompidou is really beautiful and has great shops near by. Don't go shopping on a Sunday the shops arnt open and its becomes a waste of a day so plan a trip to a gallery to fill time. And don't worry about them just remember muggers are their

  • At the first gun shot and the french will surrender to you.

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