Am I behind for my age?

While beautiful in real life, because I'm conservative, I've never even hugged a guy, (or haven't for years!) let alone kiss or do anything else with him.

Is that bad? I'm 22 turning 23, the site should fix my age which is not 25-29.

At first I wondered if I was asexual, but then realized that was just a phase where I was depressed and wasn't attracted to anyone or anything.

There is this one guy I'm very attracted to, but for the most part, most people don't strike my fancy.


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  • Well keep in mind that an asexual is just someone who does not feel any sexual attraction. Asexuals can experience romantic and aesthetic attraction however. So, you could find someone to be handsome/ beautiful and want to form relationships but with no or little desire to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone; though some asexuals don’t feel those forms of attraction either. There are also grey areas where you may only experience sexual attraction occasionally.

    One question, are you ever sexually attracted to someone imediately? I am asexual by the way.


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  • If I learned anything from watching "The 40 year old virgin" is that it's never too late :P
    So let's start with the basics, have you talked to this new guy yet?

    • I sort of can't. I mean, the first time I talked to him I was confident/normal, but when I realized I liked him I sort of clammed up. I think he realizes it's hard for me to open up to him, because whenever he sees me although he stares at me without breaking eye contact, he doesn't approach me/flirt with me.

    • Well if you clam up, you're not going to seem receptive. If you don't look receptive then he's not going to want to approach you... so at least try smiling and going over to say "Hey".

  • No you are not lagging behind, you for 5-6 years for that.

    Just don't remain passive.

  • just enjoy your lyf


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