Is Ted 2 as shit as I'm expecting it to be?

Not likes there's anything better on in the cinema anyway.


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  • Ted was a film that should have just stayed a stand alone.

    The trailer for the second one looks shit, and normally they put all the good bits in the trailer, so im not expecting it to be much.

    To me, it just seems like they are trying to milk 'Ted' for all its worth by forcing shitty humour of it. The first one was good, but the second one looks like its trying to hard to repeat it.


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  • I'm going to wait till it's on Netflix. Seth Macfarlane's last movie was horrible so I didn't want to waste money on Ted2 if it sucked.

  • No bro... it was pretty funny, if you liked the first one than you'll like the sequel.

    "Fresh Cakes!"

    • I thought it was dreadful, sorry.

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    • The first one was only just bearable. The second one was just the same BS being regurgitated over and over again. Only good thing to come out of Seth MacFarlane any more is American Dad, which he doesn't even write.

    • Course it's the same stuff over and over... the characters don't change from o e movie to the other... I mean you wake up the same person everyday... so naturally if you're expecting something totally different from a pot smoking stuffed teddy bear I dunno what to tell you... you can't read too much into every movie ya know, sometimes it's just made for a good time

  • No idea, but Seth McFarlane run out of steam a looooong time ago...