Hows my accent?

what ya think about my accent, do i have deep voice?


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  • Sounds Asian to me. From Philippines I suppose?

    • lol im black hun

    • Hahah wanted to hear it again but my connection is acting up. I dont know but there's no way i'd think that you're black based on your accent. Most prolly because i dont have any black friends :(

    • ahahahh thts what americans say to me when they hear.. they either say Asian or some others but when i show my face they be like whaaaaat... but yh im somalian hun

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  • sounds like a normal pitch voice. i can't place the accent though.

    • glad u didn't think i was Asian :) most people would say im Asian lol

    • I saw you said you were black so i guess British or from that area.

    • nope lol :)

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  • I like your voice, it sounds really pleasant :) It is a little deep, not too deep.

    • thanks :) guess where im from?

    • You are welcome :) Oh, I have no idea about accents but I can tell that it's neither American nor British haha!

    • ahah, american? ahah no way, and nah some people say i sound brithish but nah, :P

  • No to me that's not a deep voice. And I'm from the south so you sound foreign to me.


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