80s music poll: Favorite album by Carmel/I Level?

Carmel were a jazz/pop band fronted by da singer wid da same name…. eh nothing special here imo…. not much my taste tbh. I Level were a British R’n’B group…. eh they had some good songs so among those choices I’d choose one of their 2 albums…. dunno which one exactly though... maybe their debut

  • Carmel (Carmel)
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  • The Drum Is Everything (Carmel)
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  • The Falling (Carmel)
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  • Everybody's Got a Little... Soul (Carmel)
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  • Set Me Free (Carmel)
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  • I-level (I-level)
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  • Shake (I-level)
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  • I tried avoiding this question since I didn't know the bands. But it keeps popping up on my recommended feed, so dammit GAG, I'll answer it xD
    (listening to a bunch songs now)

    Ok, after listening to some of songs from each album to get a feel for them, I have to say I like I-level more. They have some rocking bass lines (like in "Give Me"). In any case, I-level gives me some of that cool 80s pop/funk sound I like. Carmel for some reason reminds of fast paced Amy Winehouse songs and I feel like it's sound isn't all that unique either. I don't know how to describe it. I just like I-level more I guess.
    I do quite enjoy how 3 A. M sounds but I don't think that is officially part of the album. In any case I think I-level (I-level) is the best album of all of the ones listed. It has some decent tracks.

    • yeah i like i-level more as well :D

      oh glad u checked 'em out :D

      anyway... u won free mho :p

    • I-level reminds me of what my old high school calculus teacher made us listen to as we worked on stuff in class haha
      It definitely has that 80s funkish vibe and vocals though, which I can appreciate.
      And thanks for the mho!

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